If all those stories told of the Los Angeles movie colony are true, why do the film producers go to all the trouble of scenarios and posed pictures? Why not just turn their cameras on Hollywood from day to day?

Tacoma Ledger
March 3, 1922

Monday, March 21

Which studio head ...

          ... punched a celebrated comedian on the nose last night at a Los Angeles hotel?
          It seems that the studio head, whose strength was honed heaving scrap metal in Nova Scotia, Canada, took offence to some disparaging remarks made by the comedian (who is terribly popular, even if he isn't fond of our American custom of bathing) about his ex wife, an actress (though I use the term loosely) currently contracted to the studio run by our chivalrous maybe-Canadian, and knocked the comedian down.
           It caused quite the stir though by the following day had been hushed up and everybody present was denying it ever happened.

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Anonymous said...

Chaplin? Don't know about the studio head.